Judicial Philosophy



I believe judges should have extensive trial experience.  Prior to my appointment as Superior Court judge, I was a trial attorney. I tried criminal and civil cases.  Since being on the bench, I have presided over bench and jury trials. I know what it takes to make sure that cases are handled correctly and fairly.





Too  Much TrafficJudges should also be efficient. Cases should not linger on the court docket and litigants have their lives on hold waiting for a resolution.   If elected, I will always respect the time of attorneys and parties in litigation.  I will make sure that cases progress in an orderly and timely fashion.  Court orders and rulings will be made without undue delay.





JaneJudges should be fair. I will always be professional and courteous to all litigants.  After fully listening to the facts and arguments of each case, I will render decisions and judgments that are lawful and just.